We can help you.  We work with you as and when needed to take on the time-consuming background office tasks that keep your business running.   Depending on the tasks you are happy to delegate to us, we can help you increase your customer service, boost your marketing, increase your sales, get you operating more efficiently, increase your cash flow and give you a significant amount of time back.  

Welcome to Bubble Office Support.  

We provide professional, reliable, straightforward office support to small and micro business owners.  Our ultimate aim is to assist you in your business, to achieve the goals that you have set in place, so that your business succeeds and grows. There are numerous essential tasks that need to be carried out well to ensure the success of your business, but when you are busy focusing on your customers these tasks are often last on your to-do list.  We provide the opportunity for you to outsource these tasks, as and when you need to, so they don't have to be on your list at all!  We work seamlessly with your business to get everything in order and take care of those essential tasks so that your business is more efficient and you are able to spend more time on income generating tasks.  

I have had the privilege of benefitting from Sarah Watson’s administrative services on multiple occasions and for a variety of projects from compiling budget forecasts to coordinating business proposals. Sarah’s efficiency combined with her innate ability to understand a brief and implement a plan from the most vague outline make her unique in my experience. With her company, Bubble Office Support she offers a service which is unsurpassed in remote administration and is the obvious choice not only for her implementation but also for her advice and guidance. She is the ultimate safe pair of hands.
— Tim Jones. Tim Jones Racing

ARE YOU working long hours and still don't have enough time?

If you rarely have a weekend to yourself or often work well into the evening finishing off your paperwork, or even if you set aside an 'admin day', you probably feel that there are plenty of other more personally rewarding or financially rewarding things you could be doing with your time!  We offer you the ability to outsource all of those time-consuming tasks to a reliable, efficient and experienced administrator as and when needed.  In doing so, you may well be astounded at the time you get back and the knock-on benefits of this service.

Once we have taken on your to-do list, you are free to re-focus on your customers and on that high earning task that only you can do, giving you the potential to generate a greater income.  Alternatively, you could take a well-deserved break and relax with your friends and family knowing everything is taken care of nicely.  This additional time often provides further advantages - when you are more organised and know everything is in-hand, your stress levels reduce and when you're free to focus on the tasks you enjoy the most, the level of satisfaction you gain from your business increases.  There are many other benefits of outsourcing your office tasks to Bubble Office Support and you can take a closer look on our Why Choose Us page.

are you unsure about some technology?

If you are unsure about some areas of technology that’s fine and that’s what we are here to assist with.  We have excellent knowledge of many time-saving, efficient online services and everything we offer is achieved through very simple, easy to use online systems.  We make the process between us run smoothly and we are great at making the complex sound super simple!  Our systems enable us to offer you a highly professional office support service with a range of efficient IT systems at a fraction of the cost traditionally associated with such support.  We make this accessible to you and scalable to your business.   

not sure you could trust someone ELSE with your time-sensitive important deadlines?

If your business runs to deadlines and you’re not sure you feel happy delegating to someone who’s not right next to you.  Rest assured, we operate to deadlines.  We positively love them and will wholeheartedly commit to your deadline with all we've got.  You can expect your work returned before the time that we have agreed and that is a promise.  Why not start with delegating a smaller task to us and build up once we have earned your trust?

we support small and micro businesses.

We specialise in providing office support to small and micro businesses owners, in many aspects of their business, via a comprehensive range of services.  With over 15 years’ experience gained across a range of roles such as project co-ordination in racecourse construction and business analysis in equine software development, we are perfectly placed to help your business grow and succeed.  We provide virtual assistant services to small businesses in the construction industry and equine industry in particular.  We are not limited by geography however, we are operate in two main areas of the UK and offer virtual assistant services to Kent and Northamptonshire.  Please take a look over our Services page to learn more about the type of assistance we offer.

Virtual Assistance.  Real support.

This type of service is termed ‘Virtual Assistance’ but I can assure you I am very real!  Bubble Office Support is owned and run by Sarah Watson. Please check out the About page if you would like to know more about my experience or any of my social media profiles.  Or if you would like to have a no obligation, complimentary 30 minute chat with me about whether I am able to assist you then please Contact me, or book in for an appointment.  I would love to hear from you.